Real-world reviews and verdicts on the HR-V from Honda customers, motoring experts and more.

The completely refreshed HR-V is now only available as a hybrid as the Honda moves to make all its models electrified by 2022. This latest HR-V values simplicity and practicality over everything else, making you feel assured and solid on the road, with impressive ride quality regardless of the road surface. We’d safely say it’s one of the sweetest handling small SUVs on the market right now.

​The Consumers

JANE, WEYBRIDGE “The Honda HR-Visa great family car. It looks stylish, felt super safe and we travelled through snow and wind on the motorway without worry. We all felt happy that it is an environmentally friendly car and the dual Petrol/Electric engine meant this was hassle-free with no need to find a charging point. My daughter loved the possibility to connect an iPad in the back and enjoyed the lights above her seat that she could wave her finger across to turn on and off.”

JOHN,LYDNEY “The Honda HR-V delivers a calm atmosphere in the cabin that makes for a very relaxed journey. The switch from battery power throught oconvention alengineis seamless and refined. Personally, the con-the-road experience felt more EV than hybrid. I found road visibility and driving position to be excellent. Accommodation is well designed and considering the segment it sits in, it's cavernous. The fabric and build quality of the car is to a high standard, typically found in more expensive marques. Honda’s 'magic' rear seats are aptlyn amedand means that future trips to the DIY and garden centre will never be the same.”

​The Influencers

Pip Stewart

“We’ve got a Honda ourselves and area big fan of the brand, not least because they promise to be fully electrified by 2022. ⚡ The spacious HR-V was a lot of fun to drive and had enough space for all our wellies, backpacks and general kit, it’s seriously spacious and features Honda’s magic seats! Meaning you can fold the back seats up like cinema chairs.

Joey London

“I spent 48 hours driving one of @HondaUKCars new HR-Vs and boy it was fun! With proven e:HEV hybrid technology this car delivers a seriously smooth, enjoyable drive.” “What a car, loved driving this around the city.”


Review by Tim Barnes-Clay

“The next-generation of the Japanese brand’s popular compact SUV offers class-leading space, comfort and utility, as well as advanced safety and technology features, all within a bold and sleek coupe-inspired form.”

“Intuitive and seamless in-car connectivity features and apps, which introduce a new level of technology to Honda’s compact segment SUV, can be accessed via touchscreen or via voice activation.”

“What’s more, featuring the most comprehensive suite of advanced safety features and driver aids in its class, the HR-V is fitted with active and passive safety technologies designed to make driving both easier and safer.”


Review by Dan Trent 4/5 ★

“Its new hybrid system is effective and efficient and there’s tons of space in the back for kids and kit. Honda’s reliability is also very highly regarded.”

“Honda has long experience in hybrid technology and takes huge pride in going its own way with distinctive engineering solutions.”

“From the driver’s seat, you can simply appreciate the way it automatically switches between its full electric and engine assisted hybrid modes.”