Ohme Charging Solutions for the Home Ohme is a simple and dependable home charging solution that protects your automobile, your wallet, and the environment. Ohme's smart technology works with your energy tariff to find the best real-time costs for you, making your EV extremely sustainable. Smart charging with Ohme could save UK drivers up to £750* per year when compared to a normal charger and tariff. Download the Ohme app, plug it in, and Ohme will do the rest. * Based on an annual mileage of 12,000 miles, charging with a standard tariff at 23p/kWh vs time-of-use tariff at 5p/kWh
How will smart charging with Ohme benefit me? Charging with Ohme ensures you will be saving money whilst becoming more environmentally friendly. Ohme supports you with money saving as they use intelligent technology to optimize charging when electricity prices are at their lowest points. The Ohme server also communicates with the grid which allows you to charge when carbon intensity is at its lowest.