The Benefits Making the change to all-electric or hybrid power may seem like a major undertaking, with the thought of needing to re-learn efficient motoring skills a concern of many. But switching really is simple. These models drive just like any other vehicle, but come with a host of benefits. From improved fuel economy and more affordable running costs to lower - or even zero - CO2 emissions having less impact on the environment, there’s every reason to make the change today.
How to Charge Charging your electric or hybrid vehicle is easier than you might expect. A number of public charging points throughout the UK mean you’re never far from a suitable source, while home charging solutions are available too. So, whether you’re charging from a high output point, a traditional three-pin outlet, or dropping into your local garage, you’ll be able to keep your vehicle topped up in an affordable and convenient way.

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At Norton Way Group Honda, we want to be able to provide you with everything you need to know about making the switch to electric performance. We’re also keen to hear from our past customers as this enables us to identify areas for improvement and offers reassurance to others looking to purchase. Take a look at some of the latest reviews available below to learn more.


Our selection of frequently asked questions help you learn more about choosing a hybrid or electric vehicle from Honda. 

How do you charge a Honda electric car?

Those vehicles that require charging can be done so at both home and in public, with service stations, supermarkets and more all offering charging options. You can also have dedicated charging solutions installed at your home to help make charging as efficient as possible.

How long does it take to charge a Honda electric car?

This depends on the model of vehicle you select. Our sales advisors will be able to detail the time it takes to charge each model in the lineup.

How far can a Honda electric car travel on one charge?

Once again, this depends on the model you select, so liaise with a member of the team or view our vehicle pages today to learn more.

Can I charge a Honda electric car in public?

Yes. There are thousands of public charging points throughout the UK, with many available at petrol stations and supermarkets.

What is the road tax for a Honda electric car?

Road tax is calculated according to the CO2 emissions of a vehicle. As such, all-electric models emitting zero CO2 are exempt from road tax altogether.

Do Honda electric cars need servicing?

Yes. All vehicles require regular vehicle servicing as such work looks at all components of your vehicle, such as tyres, engine performance, lighting and more.

What are the benefits of Honda electric vehicles to the environment?

With CO2 emissions lower than traditional combustion engine vehicles, the volume of harmful emissions polluting the air is significantly reduced.