Used Ford Cars

As arguably the world’s most popular and recognisable automotive brand, Ford continues to impress with each new vehicle introduced into the marketplace. Smart, distinctive, and embracing all the very best in technology, the manufacturer is responsible for some of the best-selling models around, with names such as the Fiesta, Focus, and Mustang instantly recognisable. There’s efficient engine options available too, with the marque embracing the very best in hybrid and electric engine development for those with an eye on their CO2 emissions.

We at Norton Way in Hertfordshire and London are delighted to be able to provide our customers with some of the very best used cars around, including a number from Ford. Our used Ford cars are listed on this page and have been carefully sourced and inspected by our team of experts to ensure there are no underlying issues that may impact performance. Instead, you can anticipate many years and many thousands of miles of enjoyable motoring.

Find out more about any of those vehicles listed by clicking through to the individual pages below. You’ll be presented with a number of images looking at key features both inside and out, and be able to tailor and apply for financing from the comfort of home. If you’d prefer to simply reserve the model in your name, a payment of just £99 is all that’s required.