More than 140,000 machines equipped with DCT have now been sold in Europe. Last year, 45% of the Africa Twins, 52% of the NC750Xs and 67% of the Gold Wings sold across Europe were the versions equipped with DCT instead of the manual transmission. As it's not an entirely new concept here at Honda, DCT and the idea of automatic transmission for bikes has been around for almost 60 years!


DCT is an automated clutch and shift operation system. The automatic system retains the direction acceleration feel of a manual transmission, allowing the rider to concentrate on accelerating, turning and braking. DCT technology increases the confidence of the rider by enabling greater control of the bike and will enhance the joy of riding.


Freedom: Ride without concerning yourself with the clutch level and shift pedal.

Emotion: The linear acceleration of the DCT provides a sporty feel with just the twist of the throttle.

Control: Switch between auto and manual modes to suit all riding scenarios.

Many of experienced and competent riders like the option of manual and automatic because it opens up a more comfortable and enjoyable experience by allowing the rider to be in full control in every riding environment. For example, it makes urban riding a lot easier where the rider would usually be constantly changing gear - the rider can relax and concentrate on accelerating, turning and braking. This also applies to longer journeys because it allows for a more leisurely, comfortable and simple ride. Hear what these riders have to say about DCT in the video below.

The Honda bikes currently available with DCT transmissions include the Africa Twin, Africa Twin Adventure Sport, NC750X, NC750S, VFR1200X, Integra, and of course, the legendary Gold Wing Tour.

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