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Honda Lawnmowers


Honda has a lawnmower to match every garden need. Honda first created a lawnmower in 1978, 40 years on, and they are now recognised as one of the world's most reliable garden equipment manufacturers.

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Discover the Range

Honda HRE (Electric)

The HRE electric range is lightweight, simple to use with whisper quiet operation. Just plug in and go for easy, low maintenance mowing.

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Honda HRS (Petrol)

The HRS is one our lightest and most manoeuvrable models. When a quick cut is all you need, it’ll zip through your grass in record-breaking time.

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Izy (Petrol)

The new range of Honda IZY lawnmowers have been completely redesigned. Now with the new GCVx engines at their heart, they not only make light work of mowing the lawn, but they’re easier to handle and maintain too.

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HRX (Petrol)

These new engines have an enhanced combustion system and are super-efficient – much better for the environment – providing class-leading power with usable torque; muscle that’ll do all the work for you.

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Experience the pleasure of Honda’s new generation of battery lawnmowers. With cordless battery technology, uncompromised cutting performance and a robust build quality, they’re a clear-cut favourite for a better-looking lawn.

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Honda Grass Cutter - Lawn & Garden

Honda HRD (Petrol)

​HRD mowers can tackle anything. Tough cutting tasks on large lawns are made easy and effortless with this super-strong lawnmower that has the looks and the dependability of a true professional.

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Honda HRH (Petrol)

You’ve a job to do, and a customer to keep happy. So you need a mower with outright reliability and solid performance - like the HRH. No other professional mower comes close to it.

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Grass Cutter (Petrol)

Used for mowing long grass, the Grass cutter is the perfect tool for parkland maintenance and challenging landscapes. Long grass will tower no more

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