New Honda e:Ny1

Honda's First all-electric SUV is coming soon

Honda's first electric SUV the new Honda e:Ny1 is set to arrive. The striking flowing exterior design of the new Honda e:Ny1 is matched by an advanced and stylish interior that accompanies a cutting-edge powertrain. The new Honda e:Ny1 is a next-generation zero-emission car.

The new Honda e:Ny1 was built on Honda's updated e:N Architecture F, a front-motor-driven platform with three key characteristics: a strong body structure, a low center of gravity, and carefully regulated under-floor aerodynamics to offer a joyful and confident drive.

The platform the new Honda e:Ny1 is built on also includes a high-performance, lightweight three-in-one integrated power drive unit, electric motor, and gearbox. This engine has a maximum output of 150 kW and a torque of 310 Nm, and it is designed to deliver smooth and comfortable acceleration and deceleration. Under the floor is a high-capacity lithium-ion battery with a range of up to 412 km (WLTP) and a DC fast-charging capability of up to 80% in 45 minutes.

An all-new chassis for the new Honda e:Ny1, which has been designed exclusively for battery electric vehicles have enhanced torsional rigidity, with high-tensile steel accounting for 47% of the new Honda e:Ny1's body weight. Together with the redesigned platform and powertrain, these contribute to the dynamic performance, great comfort, and refinement that drivers will appreciate from Honda's newest EV.

New Honda e:Ny1 exterior
New Honda e:Ny1 interior

New Honda e:Ny1 Design

The new Honda e:Ny1 offers a coupe-style design but as a B-SEGMENT SUV model with basic, minimalistic contours and a retractable panel at the front that discreetly conceals the charging port. Hidden door handles and rear lights that run the entire length of the vehicle can be found in the back. On the tailgate, a new typeface spells out 'Honda' for a luxury aesthetic that will be seen on the brand's future EVs.

Take a seat inside, and the panoramic roof of glass makes it feel like you are always connected to the outside wherever you go. The clever construction of the electric drivetrain components ensures that the new Honda e:Ny1 provides exceptional interior room and comfort. An all-new central console inside the new Honda e:Ny1 has a basic layout of simply accessible controls, different storage choices, and wireless charging, while a clean dashboard with a big 15.1-inch touchscreen provides access to a complete suite of infotainment and driving options.

Pricing, specifications and launch dates for the new Honda e:Ny1 are to be confirmed soon.

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New Honda e:Ny1
New Honda e:Ny1
New Honda e:Ny1