The all-new Honda CR-V - what does the motoring world have to say?

The all-new Honda CR-V has arrived in our showroom this month. Honda's has released the 1.5 i-VTEC engine first, with the hybrid variant expected in early 2019. The internet is currently full of reviews of the petrol variant (you'll have to wait for hybrid content), and here are some of our favourite quotes on the all-new model.

Auto Express

Honda’s CR-V has evolved into what could well be an enticing package for families when it arrives later in 2018. The compact SUV has a decently appointed and spacious cabin, plus what will probably translate to good ride quality on our pockmarked roads.


The CR-V has grown larger and more sophisticated. Beneath the striking exterior, Honda says, sits a lighter and more rigid chassis designed to provide the CR-V with a more dynamic and engaging driving experience. 

What Car

The CR-V is great if rear space is your priority (assuming you've got a five-seater) and, for a petrol, it seems to deliver decent fuel economy; with careful driving, we averaged 39mpg (for the two-wheel-drive version with a manual gearbox), which is actually marginally better than the manufacturer’s official 38.2mpg. 

Top Gear

It’s spacious, comfortable, reasonable to drive and, as it’s a Honda, it should comfortably outlast its first eight owners. And their kids.

Honest John

But on first impressions Honda has done an excellent job of recreating the World’s best-selling SUV. Smooth, comfortable, safe completely up to date and a pleasure both to ride in and drive.


This latest generation of CR-V has a similar look to its predecessor, but it’s been sharpened up to keep it fresh, while the interior is higher-quality, more modern and comes with more technology.


It majors on comfort, quietness and practicality, and that makes it an excellent family car.