All New Honda HR-V Is Setting New Standards for Interior Comfort

Honda engineers and designers have proposed a new plan for the interior of the new Hybrid HR-V, to meet the needs of modern consumers and design a pleasing yet practical car.

To reflect the values, meet the needs of modern consumers and create a desirable yet practical car, Honda engineers and designers conceived a new proposition for the interior of the next-generation hybrid HR-V. By cleverly incorporating Honda's latest structural technologies and an interior design ethos centred on the concepts of light and wind, the all-new model achieves superior levels of interior comfort and space in the competitive compact B-SUV segment.

The main feature is the unique air diffusion system which introduces a new concept of air conditioning, with L-shaped vents positioned in the top corners of the dashboard delivering natural breeze to all occupants. A dial is provided to switch seamlessly between 3 modes - the normal outlet with forward-directed air flow, the Air Diffusion System which creates a new gentle flow of air, and close which shuts off the air. The combination of these features ensures a consistent internal temperature is maintained, in all weather conditions.

Creating space and comfort

The Hr-V’s interior design focuses on the dealings between the occupant and the car, to fully integrate it within their everyday lives. The moment they open the door and to the minute they walk out of the car, each aspect of the dealing with the new Hr-V is designed around ideal user experience first.

Every interior design feature within the cockpit structure is dedicated to achieving a sense of spaciousness and airiness that connects occupants to the outside world. This begins with windows that are designed to admit as much light as possible, with the excellent outward visibility further aided by flat line of the bonnet and clear sightlines that make it easy to accurately determine the vehicle's position on the road.

An important regard was given to interior comfort therefore making sure the positioning of the interior controls was optimal. The simple to use layout allows all the components to be positioned in a way for it to make sure its all the in drivers field of vision.

To offer maximum comfort for front occupants, the all-new HR-V presents body-stabilising front seats featuring mat-structure support, replacing the previous spring set-up. This helps to prevent tiredness on longer journeys and higher comfort in everyday use. The newly-developed rear seats are positioned 30mm further to the rear, giving an additional two degrees of recline compared to the previous generation HR-V. While head room is comparable to the class standard, the sedan-like seating position in the HR-V provides an additional 35mm legroom and shoulder space comparable to SUV’s a class above.

The all-new HR-V e:HEV will be available later this year. Contact us to register your interest today.

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