Awards 2021 Winner: Best Small Car – Honda e

Honda’s Urban EV Concept has only been with us a short time but it has been earning rave reviews.

It’s Honda’s first mass-market, pure-electric car, high on technology and great city car. Honda e has everything to make city/town driving effortless.

There are many reasons why this is a clear award winner for SME users, with the car already having won numerous awards in the consumer motoring media.

Firstly, the technology on the car is second to none. With no fewer than five screens taking the width of the dashboard from side to side, the Honda e is the only car in its class to feature cameras instead of wing mirrors.

It’s also the only car to feature a virtual aquarium! Secondly, the cutting-edge design and styling makes it a highly attractive proposition. With clean lines and an almost concept style feel to it, the Honda e turns heads wherever it goes.

Third, the driving experience is both dynamic and fun with the power going directly to the rear wheels and pushing the car from a standstill to 62mph in eight seconds.

Fourth, the car was designed with the urban environment in mind, hence the 126 mile range. The turning circle is smaller than that of a London taxi and the Honda e has a reverse parking function at the touch of a button, making it perfect for city driving.

Fifth, SME customers will find themselves among celebrity owners with Guy Martin and the Joseph & Joseph brothers all owning a Honda e. Finally, when the SME driver is done with the car, the car has residual values among the best in the industry.