Honda Civic wins big at Company Car Today Awards

Late last month saw yet another success for Honda as the 2017 Civic won Best Company Car in the ‘lower-medium’ category at Company Car Today’s inaugural CCT100 Awards.

A new event in the motor calendar, the CCT100 Awards is the only product-focused awards in the fleet industry.

The CCT100 Awards identify the top 100 cars to suit any fleet requirement, then anoint the best in class across 20 categories. The winners are decided from a shortlist of five, using 12 characteristics important to company car operators and drivers, such as emissions, running costs, price, performance and desirability. The winner in its category: the new Honda Civic.

“Honda’s Civic was one of the most impressive new cars of last year and manages to combine practicality, a great petrol engine, attractive pricing, low running costs, snappy design and an entertaining driving experience,” said Company Car Today Editor Paul Barker. “It’s a car that took a big step on from a predecessor that was no bad car in itself, and the new Civic deserves the big success that should come its way.”

“For the Civic to be acclaimed as a top-performing model in a major category award is a clear demonstration that the Civic continues to perform well a year after launch,” said Phil Webb, head of car at Honda UK.

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