Honda e:Ny1 and Honda Civic: Innovative Electric Vehicles for Modern Lifestyles

Shortlisted for Best Compact SUV at Fleet News Awards

The Honda e:Ny1 has made waves in the automotive industry by being shortlisted for the prestigious Best Compact SUV award at the Fleet News Awards. This recognition underscores the vehicle's exceptional design and performance in the compact SUV category. With its intelligent design, the e:Ny1 offers a perfect blend of style, functionality, and innovation.

A Perfect Fit for Urban Lifestyles

The Honda e:Ny1 stands out for its compact size and advanced features, making it an ideal choice for navigating urban environments. The vehicle's intelligent design allows for easy manoeuvrability, making tight city streets and parking spaces a breeze to navigate. Whether you're commuting to work or exploring the city, the e:Ny1 delivers a seamless driving experience tailored to modern urban lifestyles.

A Commitment to Environmental Sustainability

Beyond its noteworthy design, the e:Ny1 exemplifies Honda's commitment to environmental sustainability. As an all-electric vehicle, it contributes to reducing carbon emissions and dropping the environmental footprint of urban transportation. By choosing the e:Ny1, drivers can actively participate in the transition to a greener future.


Max Verstappen got behind the wheel of an all-electric Honda e:Ny1 to stun a group of budding young go-kart racers with a surprise meeting ahead of the 2024 FIA Formula 1 season.

Offering a departure from the three-time F1 World Champion’s Honda RBPTH002 1.6l V6 Hybrid PU powered Oracle Red Bull Racing RB20, the e:Ny1 delivers up to 256 miles WLTP approved range, an interior designed for comfort and ease of living, and a simple to operate powertrain – making it the perfect everyday vehicle.

Silently whisking him from the Red Bull Technologies Campus to a local indoor go-kart circuit, Verstappen watched the young racers on track, before taking the time to offer his advice and share memories from the early days of his own motorsport career.

Honda Civic e:HEV Highly Commended at 2024 Business Motoring Awards

The Honda Civic e:HEV has also earned accolades, being highly commended in the 'Best Hybrid' category at the 2024 Business Motoring Awards. This recognition highlights the exceptional design, innovation, and performance that the Civic e:HEV brings to the market.

Optimal Performance and Fuel Efficiency

With its advanced hybrid powertrain, the Civic e:HEV seamlessly combines electric and petrol power to deliver optimal performance without compromising on fuel efficiency. This innovative system not only reduces emissions but also enhances the driving experience, making every journey enjoyable and effortless.

Comfort and Everyday Convenience

The Civic e:HEV is designed with comfort and everyday convenience in mind. The interior is thoughtfully designed to provide a comfortable and enjoyable driving experience, while the powertrain is simple to operate, making it the perfect everyday vehicle. Whether you're commuting to work or embarking on a long road trip, the Civic e:HEV offers a smooth and effortless ride.