Honda Ranking well with Auto Express

Honda has proven a hit with Auto Express with multiple cars making various Top 10 lists across Auto Express, from Top 10 best hybrid cars to buy in 2023, Top 10 best hatch backs to buy 2023, to Top 10 best track day cars 2023, and much more where a few will be highlighted below. Here is what Auto Express has to say:

The Honda Civic E:HEV ranked 2nd on the Top 10 best hybrid cars to buy 2023:

In contrast to its colourful predecessor, the most recent Honda Civic is understated and inconspicuous, yet it conceals a fascinating, well-engineered feel below. Honda has only offered one engine option for the Civic's Volkswagen Golf rival's 11th generation, and the 2.0-liter four-cylinder hybrid configuration is a little unusual.

The gasoline engine can power the wheels directly at higher speeds or acts as a generator to power a battery that drives an electric motor. As a result, the combustion engine rarely experiences stress, resulting in a quiet, relaxing power delivery that yet manages to give respectable performance and a claimed 60.1 mpg. The Civic has never been better thanks to its roomy, high-quality interior and responsive characteristics.

The Civic also ranked 3rd for top 10 hatchbacks to buy 2023:

The Honda Civic has been with us for more than fifty years, and the eleventh-generation model is definitely one of the best cars to carry this established family hatchback name.

Take one look at the ‘FL5’ Civic and you will notice that it’s a bit more understated than its predecessor. It’s more stylish, though, and a generous amount of kit comes as standard.

Underneath the sleek styling, the latest Civic is powered by a 2.0-litre e:HEV full-hybrid setup. This system differs from most rivals as the petrol engine acts primarily as a generator to charge the battery. This means that it will run in EV mode as much as possible, resulting in lower emissions and fuel consumption.

The Honda Jazz ranked 5th Top 10 cheapest hybrid to buy 2023:

The latest Honda Jazz is only available to UK buyers in hybrid form. The Jazz also features a self-charging hybrid system made up of a 1.5-litre petrol engine and two electric motors.

Where the Jazz could have the edge over its biggest rival, though, is when it comes to practicality. As with its predecessors, the latest model has been cleverly designed and is fitted with Honda’s ‘Magic Seat’ setup, with seat bases that can flip up to create a large space behind the front occupants. Four adult passengers can easily sit in comfort while there should still be a reasonable amount of room in the back for their luggage, thanks to a decent 304-litre boot.

Those looking for a bit more fun will be pleased to know Auto expressed ranked the Honda Civic Type R 6th in the Top 10 best track day cars 2023.

This is especially impressive with the list including sport and super cars.

Auto Express describes the Honda Civic Type R as making a mockery of genuine sports cars costing twice as much.

The Type R hints at its magic before you’ve even set off, the thin-rimmed Alcantara steering wheel and teardrop gear knob falling perfectly to hand. Its track day credentials quickly show themselves on the move, too, with a definite edge to the ride and a tightly-wound feel to the engine.

The most recent generation of four-wheel drive hot hatchbacks may accelerate more quickly, but none of them possess the same driving passion as the 324 horsepower Type R. It scrambles for traction and hunts for grip while cornering with remarkable speed, maintaining within its own boundaries and communicating clearly with the driver. It has a Super Touring car-like feel rather than a hot hatch, which is advantageous on a track.