Honda's 134mph+ Mean Mower

Four years ago, Top Gear and Honda earned a place in the Guinness Book of Records by driving a mower at 116.575mph (which was then broken by a modified Viking/STIHL T6). Now Honda are back with revenge, announcing the Mean Mower successor - the Mean Mower Mk.2, capable of over 134mph and powered by the same engine as the CBR1000R Fireblade super bike.

The use of the SP1 Fireblade engine has upped the game considerably from Mean Mower I. As in nearly double the power. 190bhp+ at 13,000rpm, 999cc, flat shift on the way up, auto blip on the way down. Relatively compact and only weighing about 100kg, it’s got six gears with a long first ratio. In fact, the mower should be good for about 90mph in first. Sub 3.0sec 0-60mph? It’s probably not going to be far off.

Stunt driver and car racer Jess Hawkins has the unenviable task of taming this beast.There’s a new target speed and I’ve simply not taken the necessary Honda isn’t saying what the exact aim is for the time being, but there's a new target speed set to be something epic around the 134mph mark. This time, computer technology is involved, including spread sheets, CAD machines, 3D printing, slick tyres, bespoke parts, titanium and all sorts of other exotic materials.

Watch the video below for a preview of the epic Mean Mower - coming soon!