Honda's Innovative Move: Go Electric at the Price of Hybrid

Honda has made a groundbreaking move in the automotive industry by offering their latest electric vehicle, the e:Ny1 Electric Elegance, at the same monthly payment as their HR-V Hybrid Advance. This move is aimed towards encouraging more people to shift towards electric vehicles by eliminating one of the main barriers - the price.

Honda’s Electric Elegance and Hybrid Advance: A Comparison

In a bid to make the transition towards electric vehicles easier for consumers, Honda has made their e:Ny1 Electric Elegance and HR-V Hybrid Advance available for the same monthly payment. This gives customers the option to choose the powertrain that suits them best.



Monthly Payment*

Deposit Contribution

e:Ny1 Electric Elegance




HR-V Hybrid Advance




The Offer Period

This offer is valid from 1st December 2023 until the 31st January 2024. This gives customers a two-month window to avail of this incredible offer.

5-Year Care Package

To further sweeten the deal, the e:Ny1 also comes with a 5-year care package which includes a five-year service plan, a five-year warranty, and five-year roadside assistance.

"We want to make it easier for consumers to make the transition to electric vehicles and we know that the price point of EVs is one of the main concerns people have. We have decided to make our e:Ny1 Electric Elegance the same monthly payment as our HR-V Hybrid Advance equivalent, allowing customers to choose the powertrain that suits them best." - Rebecca Adamson, Head of Automobile at Honda UK.

The Revolution of Electric SUVs

The Honda e:Ny1 is a striking automobile that has taken the electric vehicle (EV) market by storm. This next-generation, zero-emission automobile is the first of Honda's electric SUVs - a symbol of progress and modernity in the world of EVs. Notably, the e:Ny1 is the latest addition to the illustrious lineup available at Norton Way.

Design and Aesthetic: Exterior

Its flowing exterior silhouette combines the essence of a traditional SUV with a nod towards the future. The e:Ny1's design is a perfect blend of functionality and dynamism, presenting an elegant and classy SUV ideal for families. The robust body structure and carefully regulated under-floor aerodynamics contribute to the vehicle's confident performance and sophisticated appearance.

Design and Aesthetic: Interior

Moving inside, the Honda e:Ny1 doesn't disappoint with its stylish and advanced interior. Its intelligently designed, spacious cabin offers an open and inviting feel, ensuring a comfortable ride for all passengers. Moreover, the vehicle's low centre of gravity ensures a smooth and joyful ride.


The Honda e:Ny1's electric powertrain is a testament to Honda's technological prowess. The front-motor-driven platform, updated from Honda's e:N Architecture F, provides a seamless, electrified performance, making the e:Ny1 a perfect urban SUV.

The Honda e:Ny1 is a cutting-edge, zero-emission vehicle that combines style, performance, and technology to provide a joyful driving experience. Its availability at Norton Way makes it an accessible choice for those looking to make the switch to electric SUVs. The Honda e:Ny1 is indeed a significant player in the forward-moving world of electric vehicles.