Honda HR-V e:HEV Review for Fleet Managers - By Business Motoring

If your fleet is going electric, then it’s good news that Honda has promised to electrify most of its models by next year. It’s even better news that HR-V e:HEV is already here.

The Right Size for the Road

The 2021 Honda HR-V is the right size for many of the challenging situations that fleet drivers face. It’s compact on the outside and roomy on the inside. For fleet managers, this means they are meeting the demands of their workforce to have a pleasant cabin while also ensuring that their drivers have the manoeuvrability they need.

Adding to its ‘right size’, the HR-V was designed to make entry and exit easier for everyone. If the HR-V e:HEV is carrying more than a driver to a meeting across town, the staff can get in and out easily.

Interior Expansion

The interior has grown slightly, giving the second-row passenger more space for their legs. The cargo hold is large enough for many fleet uses, despite the overall compact design. Loading is easier with a low cargo floor. The Honda Magic Seat allows a driver to quickly create decent vertical space for carrying large objects.

Drivers were taken into consideration as Honda updated the cabin. There’s more light because the windows offer more visibility in the 2021 Honda HR-V design. The driver’s seat is higher, more in keeping with an SUV. An uncluttered and straight-forward layout makes this SUV easier for a new fleet driver who is accustomed to a different dashboard.

New seats were designed to reduce driving fatigue. A special air diffusion system allows the cabin to cool without making the passengers cold.

A Good Look

Fleet managers may be as concerned with appearances as anyone else. The HR-V’s new look should help satisfy the need to impress. Honda increased the SUV appeal by reducing the front overhang. The manufacturer also increased ground clearance and put bigger wheels on the HR-V.

There’s a minimalist aesthetic at work here, and Honda lets it play out up to a point. Yet they have added premium SUV styling elements by creating a coupe-inspired exterior. This results in a sleek vehicle with a sculpted appeal.

This is definitely a case where quality follows style. Fleet managers can count on the contemporary fabrics to maintain a good look. Textured materials and soft touches make the cabin more welcoming.

A Smart Package

All of these attributes would be useless if the HR-V e:HEV weren’t so smart. It has hybrid technology that uses electric modes for slow speeds and high-torque situations. The 1.5-litre petrol engine can be even greener with the ECON mode and regenerative braking. It offers low fuel costs and low emissions.

Then there are the driver assistance systems that can help a busy fleet driver. These tools help prevent the scenarios that can lead to accidents. Hill Descent Control is offered for the first time, reducing slippage on inclines in certain situations.

The 2021 Honda HR-V is a potent hybrid choice with the type of safety extras that could turn a fleet manager’s head. With its many improvements, this compact SUV may become the choice for businesses on the go.

The Honda HR-V is available to order nowpriced from £26,960.

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