New 2022 Honda Civic Type R


  • The first official photographs of the next-generation Civic Type R have been released by Honda.
  • The new vehicle, which is based on the eleventh-generation Civic hatchback, will be available in 2022.
  • It has similar features as the existing model, but the new Civic's lines are less tormented, making it more appealing to our eyes.

Honda revealed a teaser image of its redesigned 2023 Civic Type R on Monday and confirmed the hot hatch's market debut in 2022.

The Japanese manufacturer has released images of a camouflaged development car, which is set to begin testing at the Nurburgring and reveals a milder evolution of the car's wild styling that has defined it since the fourth-generation Type R debuted in 2015.

The new Type R is based on the new Mk11 Civic family hatchback, which was unveiled in June. Has a five-door fastback body style and smoother surfacing than the previous car, which was criticised by some for its overly outlandish design.​

Although the new Civic Type R will have a more minimalist interior design than its predecessor, giving it a more mature appearance, with racy clues. Red accents, faux carbon-fiber trim, and a comfortable and supportive set of front seats are some of the interior features. A digital gauge cluster and physical climate controls located above a centre console with a large storage bin and two cupholders, just like the regular Civic are more features which the Civic Type R car will have.

The latest Civic family's interior has also seen significant advancements in technology and refinement. Digital screens are used for the gauge cluster (a partial digital screen is standard, with a full digital screen available on higher-end models) and infotainment, with wired Apple CarPlay and Android Auto included as standard.

The next-generation Honda Civic Type R is expected to make its debut in 2022, and it should delight enthusiasts when it does. It, like the current model, will forego hybrid assistance in favour of a traditional internal combustion engine.

So it's still possible that the Type R will use an improved version of the current car's 2.0-litre turbo four, which delivers 316bhp to the front axle for a 0-62mph time of 5.8secs and a top speed of up to 169mph.