New Honda e Limited Edition endorsed by F1 Champion Max Verstappen

We are excited to announce that the limited edition Honda e, endorsed by 2021 Formula1 champion Max Verstappen, is coming to our Chiswick showroom in the coming weeks.

We will have a car in our Chiswick showroom for everyone to enjoy.

Max Verstappen took the new Honda e limited edition for a test drive while in Italy for the Emilia Romagna Grand Prix. The Formula1 champion drove the stylish Japanese electric city car in Dozza. Verstappen, who is used to traveling at speeds in excess of 200mph had nothing but positive remarks about the new Honda e Limited edition.

This special edition Honda e is exclusively available to the European market. Based on the Advance Grade trim level, the special version doesn't come cheap since it costs £38,120 in the United Kingdom. Buyers will also have to live with a maximum driving range of 137 miles. The Honda e is painted in a Premium Crystal Red color not available on the regular model. To make the car stand out Honda gave it body accents for a contrasting effect, including dark badges at the front and rear and special 17-inch black alloy wheels.


The limited edition Honda e is based on the Advance grade but with some special features to highlight this unique model. Red is the colour, Platinum Crystal Red to be precise is the colour only available on the Max Verstappen limited edition Honda e. On the outside, you will find a unique sporty blacked-out 'H' badge on the front and rear to compliment the black alloys and contrast to the red paint - to really stand out from the crowd.