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The Honda NSX at Chiswick Honda

“Its like finding your perfect dance partner” - Ted Klaus, Honda engineer

2017 saw the highly anticipated arrival of Honda's prestige supercar - the NSX.

Taking centre stage in our showroom, we were proud to exclusively welcome the NSX as we made history becoming it's official West London dealer.

The true epitome of Honda, the NSX is nothing but truly exceptional. But don't just take our word for it, read on to discover more.

"Many say that, in the past, Honda has been renowned for being a leader in engineering innovation. And some would accuse us of having lost that lead. But with this project we sought to build a bridge, one that takes Honda back to its roots of innovation and engineering excellence, but also to the future, harnessing next generation technology to deliver a car that is uniquely Honda."

- Ted Klaus, Honda Engineer

NSX Specialist Contact Information

Our NSX Sales Specialists Matthew Scott is on hand to inform you of everything you need to know when it comes to the NSX.

You'll get the full experience including access to our exclusive NSX lounge where you can discuss personalisation options and more. Watch the video to explore.

Direct Tel: 0208 226 3277

Email: nsx@chiswickhonda.com

Sales Specialist: Matthew Scott (07824 815622)

Aftersales Specialist: Paul Wilson (07824 815609)

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About the NSX

Designed for pure performance, wherever you drive.

This was the foundation of the new NSX: a powerful sports hybrid. But with more power came further challenges. To control that power they switched their attention to the driver – the result is a feeling of total connection as you drive; an affinity never thought possible.

You don’t just sit in the NSX, you connect with it.

Seats, door panels and the centre console are all shaped to hold the driver and the passenger securely in place. It’s a cockpit designed for comfortable everyday driving, as well as providing the physical connection you need on the track. Fit for all occasions, they've even thought about boot space, too – it has the largest capacity in its class.

Continuous evolution

Honda didn't stop until they achieved perfection. Aerodynamically flawless, the NSX's bodywork channels airflow to improve performance, cooling and downforce. Honda call it “interwoven dynamics” – it's art in motion.

Super power

You, the driver, are at the very centre of the NSX. But sat just behind you is the most technologically advanced road car engine Honda has ever built.

The hand-built engine is a 3.5 litre twin-turbocharged V6. Mid mounted to the aluminium chassis, it delivers 581ps through a nine-speed Dual Clutch Transmission for instant response.

The NSX has so much to offer an is at the pinnacle of technological advancement for supercars.

Discover more about the NSX

honda nsx at chiswick honda

Quicksilver Exhausts

We partnered with QuickSilver to create the world’s first custom NSX exhaust system. Our brand new NSX demonstrator includes a very impressive upgrade equipped with the new system.

Why not jazz up your NSX and get it to roar like our demo? To purchase any of the products below, please contact Matthew Scott on 07824 815622.

quicksilver exhausts at chiswick honda

Honda NSX Sport Exhaust System (2017 on)

QuickSilver worked tirelessly on the positioning, shape and diameter of the pipes to create a rich harmony. That's not just marketing speak, there really is a harmony sung by the different diameter pipes.

The resonant pipes are tuned to phase out at cruising speeds in Sport mode, but become active in Sport +, resulting in a 3db increase / decrease at cruising speeds.

Key Features

  • Integrated resonant pipes
  • OE appearance
  • 3 DB increase between sport / sport + at 2/3k RPM
  • Full bodied race car sound, with refinement for the road when required
  • CAD modelled mounts to accept OE heat shields
  • 8KG weight reduction
quicksilver exhausts at chiswick honda

Honda NSX Race Catalysts 200 cpsi (2017 on)

Honda have created some of the best sounding, technically advanced motorsport engines on the planet. The NSX is no exception, but its ability to perform is hampered by the bureaucrat’s preferred choice of exhaust strangulation – secondary catalysts.

The NSX’s factory units comprise two major components; A 600 cell primary cat with an unnecessary, restrictive secondary catalyst. QuickSilver's race catalysts comprise an easy-breathing 200 CPSI primaries with secondary cat deletes. The secondary cats are located post-sensor and are replaced with no impact on emissions, and no CEL’s.

Key Features

  • CNC Machined flanges 
  • Correct tapered tubing
  • CAD modelled mounts to accept OE heat shields.
  • 8.8KG weight saving

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honda nsx at chiswick honda
honda nsx at chiswick honda
honda nsx at chiswick honda