Honda 2024 Motorcycle Range

Honda's 2024 lineup offers a range of motorcycles for all types of riders. From the CBR600RR to the CB500R, there's something for everyone. The 2024 Honda motorcycles cater to various riding preferences and skill levels. Whether you're into speed, adventure, or city cruising, Honda has a bike for you.


In 2024 we are looking at the introduction of the CBR1000RR-R Fireblade - a race-ready marvel straight from the box. With enhanced mid-range power, improved throttle response, and weight savings throughout, this bike is built for speed. Take on corners with unrivaled acceleration and experience pinpoint throttle precision. We will also see the CBR600RR which is a razor-sharp supersport bike born on the racetrack and brought to life on the road. It features a stunning four-cylinder engine and an agile, fast-steering chassis that sets it apart from the competition. The classic single-centered aggressive muffler tucked under the seat adds to its unique appeal. With HRC development and a focus on performance, the CBR600RR is a true track machine. We also have the CBR650R, with aggressive styling, premium technology, and a smooth rush of turbine-like inline power. Last but not least, we also have the fun and versatile CBR500R a compact and agile streetfighter with aerodynamic fairing winglets. It features a twin-cylinder engine optimized for acceleration and a chassis that offers excellent handling.


Back with a buzz! Discover, the two new Hornet models Honda have released for 2024...

New Honda 2024 motorcycle models


Awaiting the exhilaration of riding? Our new CB500 Hornet is what you need. The streetfighter, aggressive style has a strong Hornet element to it. It is designed to speed through cities and winding backroads thanks to its agile, high-quality chassis and snappy twin-cylinder engine compatible with the A2. Additionally, you're kept connected, and protected with premium innovation like Honda RoadSync with on-screen turn-by-turn navigation, a full-colour 5-inch TFT display, and HSTC rear grip management.

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It is difficult to ignore the CB1000 Hornet due to its incredible performance potential, excellent specifications, small size, and innovative new styling. Agressive and Clean are the concepts behind its revolutionary looks, which were designed in Japan. With its wings folded forward, the Hornet-signature fuel tank is broad shouldered up front but taper sharply to the rear, echoed by the minimalist seat unit that emphasises the classic narrow-waisted Hornet design.

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New Honda 2024 motorcycle models


The Africa Twin models have just had an upgrade. When it comes to an Africa Twin, true adventure never ends...

New Honda 2024 motorcycle models


With further low-down torque for drive, it's still the incredibly nimble adventure bike that it has always been, with performance to spare. Those days spent travelling are considerably more comfortable thanks to a new adjustable screen. Tyres without tubes are simple to fix. Additionally, the Africa Twin ES's Electronic Suspension option with Showa-EERATM opens up a whole new world of exploration.


New Honda 2024 motorcycle models


The new Africa Twin Adventure Sports ES is a special bike. It has increased mid-range torque for powerful acceleration during overtaking. The Showa-EERATM Electronic Suspension, a reduced seat height, a 19-inch front wheel with a 110/80-19 tyre, and other components combine to provide flawless on-road handling. Additionally, a redesigned fairing and screen maximise the utilisation of the 24.8L fuel tank by providing wind protection for those extended, pleasurable days spent in the saddle. 


New Honda 2024 motorcycle models


The new NX500 is a compact, adaptable motorcycle with excellent off-road capability and city manoeuvrability. The NX500 includes a fairing and wide screen designed for wind protection, combining comfort and an aggressive rally-style aesthetic. High-end features include a 5-inch TFT screen and smartphone connectivity for Honda RoadSync. Additionally, with HSTC traction management, its A2-compliant twin-cylinder engine offers flexible and incredibly pleasant performance.

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Motorcycle enthusiasts, are you ready to take your riding experience to the next level? Look no further than Honda E-Clutch. This groundbreaking technology, unique to Honda, eliminates the need to use the clutch lever during starting, stopping, and gear changes. With smooth and instant control, Honda E-Clutch enhances the thrill of carving through twisting corners and navigating city streets stress-free. Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned expert, this twchnology opens up a whole new aspect of the riding experience. In this article, we will delve into what Honda E-Clutch is, who the creators are, and which motorcycles currently feature this game-changing technology.

What is a Honda E-Clutch?

the Honda E-Clutch system is a cutting-edge technology that combines elements of quickshifters, manually-operated clutches, and Honda's unique Dual Clutch Transmission (DCT) technology. It revolutionizes the way riders interact with their motorcycles, providing seamless and precise control during gear changes. Unlike traditional manual transmissions, the Honda E-Clutch system eliminates "shift shock" through a harmonized combination of 'half-clutch' operation, fuel injection cut, and ignition control. The result is an ultra-smooth ride that enhances stability and rider confidence on both track and road.

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New Honda 2024 motorcycle models

New Honda 2024 motorcycle models


You can find true four-cylinder brilliance here. With its lightweight agility, powerful acceleration, and sleek new Neo Sports Café look, the CB650R is a thrilling bike that can be driven anywhere from a city block to a winding backroad. Its performance is stripped back for maximum enjoyment. New sophistication is outlined by tightly wrapped angles that are complemented by a clean, upswept tail unit and a new, slanted LED headlight. When you combine high-end technology, such as a new TFT screen with smartphone connectivity, you'll find that sometimes less really is more.

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Discover the 2024 Forza Family... This year Honda released the Forza 125, a sporty GT-style scooter with advanced comfort, functionality, design and technology all rolled into one. We will also be seeing an updated Forza 350 that has a more shaped look, shaped to manage airflow, ensure comfort, and reduce back pressure for riders. The last of the Forza 2024 Range will be the Forza 750 Ideal for business, pleasure, or both inside and outside of cities. The Forza 750 blends genuine GT-luxe comfort and functionality with a taut, angular shape.



New Honda 2024 motorcycle models


The GL1800 Gold Wing, finely polished and built to enhance touring, is the motorbike for the ride, wherever your passions may take you. 

The Gold Wing is now offered in Matte Armoured Green Metallic, a brand-new colour for 2024.

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New Honda 2024 motorcycle models


The Honda Gold Wing Tour is a flagship motorcycle for good reason—it provides exceptional performance and luxury whether cruising through the city or on the wide road.

Pearl Glare White and Heavy Grey Metallic are the two new colour options for the Gold Wing Tour that are available for 2024.

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The NT1100

The NT1100 provides a comprehensive package for all your motorcycle needs. Designed with agility in mind, it effortlessly tackles the demands of city riding, offering light and easy handling. Its comfortable GT design ensures a pleasant experience for both rider and passenger. In the year 2024, two fresh colour choices have been introduced: Matte Jeans Blue Metallic and Candy Chromosphere Red. These new options add a touch of style and individuality to the already impressive NT1100. So whether you're navigating busy streets or cruising along open roads, this motorcycle has got you covered. With its versatile features and stylish aesthetics, the NT1100 is the perfect ride for any urban adventure.

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New Honda 2024 motorcycle models


New Honda 2024 motorcycle models


You ride your way, different from the others— there’s retro, and then there’s Rebel. A scaled-down version of a 'Bobber' motorcycle for A2 licence holders that combines modern technology with classic styling. Additionally, the CMX500 is offered in two new colour options for 2024: Matte Laurel Green Metallic and Seal Silver Metallic, or in Pearl Shining Black for the Special Edition.

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New Honda 2024 motorcycle models


​This bike is a pure street bike, with a 1100cc twin cylinder engine that combines modern design elements and fascinating details with the fat-tyred "bobber" look of the past. For 2024, the CMX1100 is offered in Gunmetal Black Metallic, Glint Wave Blue Metallic, and Iridium Grey Metallic.

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The 2024 X-ADV

Take the next exit when the desire to explore calls since our innovative crossover scooter can quickly leave the asphalt behind. There are four colours available for 2024, and they are as follows: Grand Prix Red, Puco Blue, Iridium Grey Metallic, and Matte Ballistic Black Metallic.

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New Honda 2024 motorcycle models

New Scooters and 125cc range

New Honda 2024 motorcycle models


The ADV350 gives youconfidence! It can easily traverse terrain thanks to its powerful, sporty engine and sturdy, smooth-riding chassis. Maintaining a connection while riding and carrying your belongings is beneficial. The ADV350 will be offered in Pearl Falcon Grey, Matte Pearl Cool White, Matte Pearl Pacific Blue, and Matte Coal Black Metallic in 2024.

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With its exceptional performance and dependability, this handy and multipurpose scooter is a popular choice. Matte Pearl Cool White, Matte Coal Black Metallic, Black, and Zefiro Blue Metallic are the available colours for the SH350i. For 2024, there will also be a Sport Edition Matte Coal Black Metallic and Matte Techno Silver Metallic.

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New Honda 2024 motorcycle models
New Honda 2024 motorcycle models


Introducing the SH125i Vetro, an homage to the advanced skills of the workers at the Honda factory located in Atessa, Italy. With its unique semi-transparent unpainted green fairing panels, it emits 9.5% less CO2 annually during production than vehicles with conventional colour schemes. Pearl Nightstar Black, Matte Pearl Cool White, Pearl Falcon Grey, Matte Pearl Pacific Blue, and the Sport Edition Matte Coal Black Metallic and Matte Pearl Cool White will also be available for the SH125i in 2024.

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